Rhodec International Mission Statement

Recognized and respected by domestic and international professional design organizations, Rhodec International is known for providing the high level of education necessary to practise and succeed in the profession of interior design and related fields.

Our Objectives & Goals

  • To provide quality interior design distance education courses at affordable prices.
  • To promote and facilitate the development of independence of thought, the ability to inquire, explore and creatively solve problems and to organize work activities.
  • To encourage the student to bring aesthetic sensibilities to maturity.
  • To equip the student with the knowledge and skills commensurate with the present and future needs of the interior design-related industries and professions.
  • To develop in the student the skills of research, analysis, visual communications and creativity, and the ability to challenge critical views and ideas.
  • To prepare the student for a fulfilling and successful career, and for entry to appropriate professional bodies.
  • To maintain, develop and monitor the quality provision of the service.
  • To comply with Equal Opportunities legislation and challenge all forms of unlawful discrimination.