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Online Diploma Course Enrolment in Full - Three Years

I wish to enrol on the full Online Diploma Course - Units RD01, Materials, RD02, History, FREE RD03, Drafting, RD04, Design, RD05, Colour, RD06, Furniture and Fittings, Part 1, RD07, Furniture and Fittings, Part 2, RD08, Construction, RD09, Professional Practice and RD10, Final Test.

Duration: THIRTY-SIX CALENDAR MONTHS from enrolment date

Enrolment date: you can pay at any time, and your enrolment date will be the day we process your enrolment following processing of payment. This will be the same working day as the day you submitted your payment, or the next working day, depending on when your enrolment was received and processed.

Total Cost: £2655 - a deposit of £1045 be paid on enrolment followed by ten monthly instalments of UK£161

I understand that in registering on the Diploma Course including the Drafting Unit at no charge, I shall have twelve calendar months from the date of my enrolment in which to complete that Unit with no further fee due. Should I require an extension of that study time I shall be liable to pay the regulation extension fee applicable to that Unit at the time of the extension.

I may opt to study the AutoDesk Revit Architecture for Interior Design course instead of or in addition to Drafting, but I understand that registration on the Revit course will incur an extra cost, currently US$995 but subject to possible change at a future date by Rhodec's education partners CAD Training Online.

In any event either the Drafting Unit or the Revit course must be successfully completed before progression to any subsequent Diploma Units.

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INSTALMENTS All instalments are due on the first day of each month. However, after you have paid your initial deposit, the first instalment is due not on the first of next month, but on the first of the following month. For example, if you enrolled on the 8th September the first instalment becomes due not on the 1st October but on the 1st November. All further instalments then become due on the first of each following month.

I authorize you to debit my* Card Number* Expiry Date* Security Code* (what's this?) in the sum of UK£1045.00 and thereafter the sum of UK£161 on the 1st of each month for 10 months commencing on the 1st day of: Month* Year* (total UK£2655)

In submitting the completed form below I confirm that I am 18 years of age or older and that I understand and accept Rhodec's terms and conditions.

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